4th grade – Starry Night

I was searching hard for a good 4th grade project for the Kids Kreations fundraiser, and I really like a lot of what Patty does at Deep Space Sparkle. She said she’s done a lot of different variations/takes on Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and this was her favorite. I had to adapt her lesson a little bit because our paper size requirements for the fundraiser is a lot smaller than hers. But overall, I’m so happy with it. Also, an awesome teaching moment happened during this lesson. I had a 4th grade class come in, they were looking at the Van Gogh original and I had one student immediately say “I don’t like this.” Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from on the ground. But I said, “That’s like walking in to a restaurant and saying you don’t like it without looking at the menu! Give me some time to explain what we’re doing, please.” After I showed them examples, talked about the process, and gave them our daily agenda, about 10 minutes had gone by and I heard the same student very quietly say, “That’s so cool” My jaw was on the floor again! I sais, “Wait. Wait. WHAT?! Can you please repeat that, only louder – like scream it, please?!” Ha! He TOTALLY made my day. I looooove that he came in with a sour attitude (well, I don’t love that…) and completely changed his mind after seeing and hearing the end result. He seriously made.my.day. And I told him that. 🙂 And gave him a big hug on his way out! Ha! 🙂

Ok, enough jib jab. Here’s some of the beautiful finished products. Oh, and at the end I had one student miss the painting day, but since we’re on a deadline to get these mailed out I let him do it all in oil pastel. So you’ll see his take on the assignment and I think it turned out awesome!!

Starry Night (11) Starry Night (10) Starry Night (8) Starry Night (9) Starry Night (7) Starry Night (5) Starry Night (6) Starry Night (4) Starry Night (3) Starry Night (2) Starry Night (1) Starry Night (12)



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