3rd grade Arpilleras

This is hands down my favorite 3rd grade project. I just love the attention to details that the students give their work. We looked at Arpilleras from Chile and Peru and re-created them using construction paper, tissue paper, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, beads, and cloth!

This year’s project is a little more special because these art projects are actually getting donated. The organization where their art is being donated is called “Art 4 the Heart” and it has a wonderful mission of donating artwork to those who are homeless. Here is more information about their donations: click here.

Here is last year’s project, we changed it a little bit, but mostly we downsized on the scale of the artwork. We had to align our project size with Art For the Heart’s guidelines for accepting artwork. And I had already planned to make them smaller this year, so it worked out perfectly!

Here is how these beauties turned out! I just love this project! The kids also wrote short stories about the scene they are depicting. Ask your student what they wrote about!

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0544



3rd Grade Printmaking

I only did this project with my “extra/bonus” 3rd grade that I see twice a week. We followed the directions from this website: Laugh, Paint, Create. It was a great project on cityscapes, warm and cool colors, ¬†and printmaking. And I will definitely repeat with next year’s 3rd grade class!

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3rd Grade Rouault

This was definitely a favorite of mine from this year. We studied portraits in 3rd grade and looked at artwork by Georges Rouault. He is well known for his paintings looking similar to stained-glass because he apprenticed under a stained glass artist before becoming a painter. His artwork is characterized by heavy, dark lines. He was also well known for painting portraits of royal figures and jesters. Here’s what they did:

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3rd grade Peacocks

This was one of my favorite lessons from last year, so I was really excited to do it again this year. We study peacocks and look at their bodies, feathers, etc – talk about the feathers and perhaps why they are designed as they are. We also talk a lot about the color wheel and analogous colors. I made students look closely at the color wheel and choose 4 analogous colors (including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, they are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel).

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3rd Grade – Clay Sunfaces

This was a fun clay project done with 3rd graders. We talked about how the Aztec Native Americans worshiped the sun god because they thought that’s who decided we would have another day each day. He was pretty important! He brought them plant life, dried their spices, did so much for them. So the Aztec people made much artwork that glorified the sun god. We also talked about clay properties and what a slab clay project would look like, relief in sculpture, slipping and scoring, etc. I demonstrated the entire process, gave them a few suggestions but ultimately they had two goals: it had to look like a sun and it had to resemble a face. Here are their creations:

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