5th grade Dragon

Fifth graders wrapped up their amazingly realistic dragons. Their focus for this project was replicating texture in their scales. They did an amazing job and are already on their way to the next project! Here are how some of the dragons turned out!

IMG_0563 IMG_0562   IMG_0568 IMG_0565 IMG_0564 IMG_0560 IMG_0566 IMG_0570 IMG_0567 IMG_0569



5th Grade Commemorative Art Project – INSTALLED!

I’m so excited to share this picture with you. The 5th grade Commemorative Project is up! Two quick things: 1: It is hard to photograph. The lighting isn’t great and I did it with my cell phone, and then photoshopped it all in one photo. 2. One already needs fixing. Womp womp. 😦 So I’m going to try and get up on a ladder and fix it soon!

But without further adieu, I give you the Class of 2015 Fifth Grade Project:
(I’m just BURSTing with pride, and so so excited)

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5th Grade Commemorative Art Class of 2015

Here’s to the Little Bennett Elementary School Class of 2015! These awesome students are having their promotion today and so I’m excited to share their Commemorative Art Project! it has not been installed in the school yet, but it is scheduled for this week. So hopefully you’ll see it soon!

We looked at Mandalas, I introduced the concept behind them, and showed some big pieces of bottle cap artwork. Then together they came up with a design and executed their artwork. Here are all the classes’ designs, that will soon be hanging outside the Media Center!

Day 1: Individually, the students came up with radially symmetrical designs. I gave them polar graph paper to work on, and we talked about a color schemes. Then as a large group, we voted on one that everyone liked the most.
Day 2-4: In a small group, students worked with me, placing bottle caps (I glued after they left the room). The rest of the class worked on the radial symmetry names project.

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5th grade Names

This was the project that the 5th graders were working on while I worked with a handful of them at a table, completing the 5th grade commemorative project (bottle cap mandalas). It emphasized radial symmetry just like the bottle caps do, and it turned out exceptionally successful! I found this project last year and here is one of the websites where I’ve seen it done, but there are a lot out there that explain the process. You’re basically writing your name once and then doing a fold over pencil rubbing transfer to get it to repeat all over the paper. Here is a YouTube video that shows the process, only with a design instead of a name:

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5th Grade Pixel Art

I got this idea from another teacher here in MCPS and tweaked and changed it a little bit. I really wanted to incorporate the students’ chrome books here in the art room – and it ended up being so so fun! The kids really enjoyed doing something totally different, I loved seeing how they responded to a different situation (technical art vs. tactile), and it was the easiest clean up EVER!!! 🙂


  • Artistic innovation: strategies, techniques and resources.
  • Criteria for judging art


  • Students will be able to create a pixel art image on the computer using Google Sheets.

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