5th Grade Commemorative Art Project – INSTALLED!

I’m so excited to share this picture with you. The 5th grade Commemorative Project is up! Two quick things: 1: It is hard to photograph. The lighting isn’t great and I did it with my cell phone, and then photoshopped it all in one photo. 2. One already needs fixing. Womp womp. 😦 So I’m going to try and get up on a ladder and fix it soon!

But without further adieu, I give you the Class of 2015 Fifth Grade Project:
(I’m just BURSTing with pride, and so so excited)

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5th Grade Commemorative Art Class of 2015

Here’s to the Little Bennett Elementary School Class of 2015! These awesome students are having their promotion today and so I’m excited to share their Commemorative Art Project! it has not been installed in the school yet, but it is scheduled for this week. So hopefully you’ll see it soon!

We looked at Mandalas, I introduced the concept behind them, and showed some big pieces of bottle cap artwork. Then together they came up with a design and executed their artwork. Here are all the classes’ designs, that will soon be hanging outside the Media Center!

Day 1: Individually, the students came up with radially symmetrical designs. I gave them polar graph paper to work on, and we talked about a color schemes. Then as a large group, we voted on one that everyone liked the most.
Day 2-4: In a small group, students worked with me, placing bottle caps (I glued after they left the room). The rest of the class worked on the radial symmetry names project.

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5th Grade Commemorative Art

Each year that Little Bennett has been open, the previous art teacher made a huge commemorative art piece with the graduating fifth grade class. You can go here to see all of them! This year we are going to be inspired by the artist. We will be making a Mandala out of bottle caps, similar to that very large one – only ours will be on a much smaller scale. Each class will make their own Mandala and they will hang outside of the Media Center. Luckily, I have a high school friend who is also an art teacher do a similar project with her classes last year, so I have a few in-progress photos to show as inspiration.

I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures that I didn’t take. But if you would like to click here to my friend’s art teacher blog you can see their in-process photos.