2nd Grade Mood Poems & Artwork

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On to the artwork! That’s why you’re here!

I love when I can incorporate art into what the students are doing in their classroom curriculum. The teachers here are so awesome, and the 2nd grade team came to me and said that in their curriculum it suggested we tie in art and poetry. So the students wrote poems about a mood or emotion in the classroom, and then in the art room we created artwork that tied to their poems. I sent their artwork to the classroom so they could display them together in the hallways. I’ll try to go snap some pictures sometime of everything pulled together so you can see that too!

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2nd Grade – Link

We are working on a collaboration project with art and writing. Students learned about poetry in their writing class and wrote a mix of different poems. In art class, they are creating artwork that relates to their emotional/mood poems. We aren’t quite done yet, but the 2nd graders have loved this website a colleague shared with me. Some are still working on figuring out their color, so I promised I would post the link here, so they could view the site from home. Here you go: http://www.mariaclaudiacortes.com/colors/Colors.html

3rd grade Peacocks

This was one of my favorite lessons from last year, so I was really excited to do it again this year. We study peacocks and look at their bodies, feathers, etc – talk about the feathers and perhaps why they are designed as they are. We also talk a lot about the color wheel and analogous colors. I made students look closely at the color wheel and choose 4 analogous colors (including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, they are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel).

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Kindergarten Purple Monsters

Last project we mixed red and yellow to get orange – with tempera paint… this time we mixed red and blue to make purple with water color paint. We read the book There’s a Nightmare in My Closet and discussed the difference between organic and geometric shapes. We then drew monsters with a black crayon using those newly identified shapes. Then students watched me paint with red and blue water color paints to get purple. I never thought there was such things as “cute” monsters… but I’m sure you’ll see – THERE ARE!

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K – Pumpkins in the Night!

I wanted to do something different than just plain old pumpkins, so we decided to make our pumpkins in the night. That way we could draw some spooky ghosts! 🙂 Then out orange pumpkins could really pop against the black paper, too. I showed kindergartners how to draw a pumpkin and that even though SOME pumpkins look like circle, it is not as easy as drawing just a plain circle. Then we discussed mixing the two primary colors, red and yellow to get orange. We took a poll, who thought it was equal amounts red and yellow, who thought it was more yellow, and who thought it was more red. Equal amounts won the vote, but they quickly saw that equal amounts of red and yellow really just make another variation of red. So we went back to the drawing board, and they voted on me adding more RED! Just kidding, they said yellow. 🙂  And they were right. The next week we cut them out, redrew in the black lines under the paint, and added all the details you see below. Here’s how their cutie patoot pumpkins turned out!

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