2nd grade – Giraffes Can’t Dance

Second graders read the book “Giraffes Can’t Dance” which is a hilarious story about a giraffe named Gerald who can’t dance. You can buy the book or you can watch a video of it, which I really like because someone has come up with a song that goes along with the story! So cute.

Day 1: After reading the book, I gave students some handouts that showed how to draw Gerald dancing – they could select from a few poses that I showed them how to draw, and we focused a lot on drawing from basic shapes. Then we painted Gerald with some yellow paint mixed with white so that it showed up on the blue paper.
Day 2: Using brown paint we painted the spots on the dried yellow paint. Using green and yellow paint we used a “double-dipping” paint method that I read about from Deep Space Sparkle. You essentially dip your paint brush in one color, then dip it in another color and begin painting. You don’t mix the 2 colors because while you move your paint brush on the paper it mixes the two colors. But it’s really cool because instead of ending up with one solid shade of yellow mixed with green, you get a lot of variations of yellow and green mixed together. Love it!
Day 3: Details! We outlined all the giraffe and his spots with black sharpie, and added stars and the moon with a silver sharpie. Check out the one with the constellations below! 🙂 #lovemyjob 🙂

Gerald (3) Gerald (2) Gerald (1) Gerald (8) Gerald (7) Gerald (6) Gerald (5) Gerald (4)



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