5th Grade Commemorative Art Project – INSTALLED!

I’m so excited to share this picture with you. The 5th grade Commemorative Project is up! Two quick things: 1: It is hard to photograph. The lighting isn’t great and I did it with my cell phone, and then photoshopped it all in one photo. 2. One already needs fixing. Womp womp. 😦 So I’m going to try and get up on a ladder and fix it soon!

But without further adieu, I give you the Class of 2015 Fifth Grade Project:
(I’m just BURSTing with pride, and so so excited)

(Click to make it larger)

If you are a graduated 5th grader, I am sorry you didn’t get to see the installation up on the wall before you left. But please come by and say hi next year so we can check it out together!  I’m so excited you all were able to continue the legacy of leaving the school with some amazing artwork that YOU created! Great job!! And to the Class of 2016: I already have an idea for you guys! 🙂

To jog your memory on how these were made, and which design belongs to which class, click here. To view other years of commemorative artwork, click here and scroll down.

Happy Summer! Get on Pinterest and do some fun arts and crafts to keep your creativity flowing all summer long.



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