3rd Grade Rouault

This was definitely a favorite of mine from this year. We studied portraits in 3rd grade and looked at artwork by Georges Rouault. He is well known for his paintings looking similar to stained-glass because he apprenticed under a stained glass artist before becoming a painter. His artwork is characterized by heavy, dark lines. He was also well known for painting portraits of royal figures and jesters. Here’s what they did:

Day 1: Students looked at pictures for inspiration and then drew a king, queen, or jester. After drawing with pencil on black paper they then re-drew the portrait with liquid glue.
Day 2: Students practiced combing colors using chalk pastels and then colored in their portraits using these new color blending skills.
Day 3: Continue coloring
Day 4: After they were done coloring, students had been using a manilla sheet of paper as their “folder” to keep their artwork from messing anyone else’s up (chalk pastels are MESSY!). They left the art in the folder, and then did a crayon rubbing. I don’t think I took any photos of this part of the process, but the rubbings turned out pretty cool because of all the glue!

Here are their masterpieces!

Rouault (8) Rouault (7) Rouault (6) Rouault (5) Rouault (4) Rouault (3) Rouault (2) Rouault (1)

I just love this project!



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