K – Painted Paper Flowers

This was a project I came up with after getting lots of ideas from a myriad of other art teacher blogs. I needed some flowers and Spring in my life after all the ridiculously long cold weather, I love reading Eric Carle books, and then we threw in some sequins in the end! 🙂 Here’s what we did:

Day 1: Painted paper using the color of their table color (red painted red, orange painted orange, etc) and used the back of their brush to add texture.

Day 2: Texture rubbing for the background, traced the tracer shape for the vase, picked favorite type of line and repeated the line in different colors for decoration on the vase. Glue down green construction paper for flower stems.

Day 3: Used tracer shape for flower petals, cut and glued flower petals. I emphasized an A-B pattern, but not all got it successfully (that concept has changed and is now introduced in the 1st grade classroom, so some remembered it, but not all). We repeated for as many flowers as they could get done, then they traced a cup for the circle shape on top of the petals and glued a heavy pinch (:)) of sequins down.

Here are these beauties!

flowers (6) flowers (5) flowers (4) flowers (3) flowers (2) flowers (1) flowers (7)

For some classes I was able to get these done in time for Mother’s Day… and some didn’t get them til after. I thought it was a pretty cute lesson. I think next year I may add some more texture on the petals like letting them draw with forks in the paint… we shall see! 🙂



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