2nd Grade Mood Poems & Artwork

Anyone notice my blog face lift? I chose another theme, I’m liking how simple and clean looking this one is compared to the last. Over the summer while I don’t have many readers/viewers I may play around more. I’m still toying with the idea of taking on the graphic design of it all to myself instead of using a theme from wordpress. We shall see. 🙂

On to the artwork! That’s why you’re here!

I love when I can incorporate art into what the students are doing in their classroom curriculum. The teachers here are so awesome, and the 2nd grade team came to me and said that in their curriculum it suggested we tie in art and poetry. So the students wrote poems about a mood or emotion in the classroom, and then in the art room we created artwork that tied to their poems. I sent their artwork to the classroom so they could display them together in the hallways. I’ll try to go snap some pictures sometime of everything pulled together so you can see that too!


  • Representation of the environment
  • Criteria for judging art

Objectives: Students will be able to match up a type of line and a color with their emotion/mood they wrote a poem about.

Day 1:  Students drew a line on the black paper that tied to their emotion poem. We had a long discussion about this ahead of time so they weren’t completely in the dark on how to pick this. After they drew their lines with a pencil they went back over them with glue, and placed them on the drying rack.

Day 2:  Students picked their color that tied in with their mood. They were given the option of blending in other colors, but it could only be a color that sat next to their main color on the color wheel. They could also add in white.

And voila!

2nd grade mood art

You like my cute little graphic? I made it with canva.com. We’ll see if I keep doing those or not. It took me way longer than it should have!



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