Mrs. McCormick’s Art!

I recently made a Facebook page that shows my own artwork. 🙂 I love doing art on the computer and I’ve recently made invitations and announcements for some friends. If you’d like to see my work, you can go here: to check it out! Here are some examples:

 11295568_1618366298381501_4698656434490078757_n 10660183_1612791442272320_7893383013845099585_n
11206116_1618365551714909_5496436584618656324_n  11112155_1612793068938824_3313583075927879858_n
11161343_1613243408893790_2715527405106470717_n 11182348_1612808745603923_4514941763221750748_n
11187217_1612794918938639_4104625331150120393_o 11187303_1612887722262692_2205725665418422290_o

Please contact me if you have an upcoming event you need an invitation or announcement for. I make the digital file and then send it to you so you can print at your favorite printing location (Staples, Costco, Shutterfly, etc). I would love to help you out!



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