Kindergarten Clay Pinch Pots

Oh boy. You know that phrase, “You live, you learn”? Oh yeah, I’m feeling it. I am doing way too many clay lessons. I’m juggling a kiln schedule that no art teacher wants! Next year I’m going to be smarter about spacing out the clay projects!! It’s crazy time in my room! So crazy, that I actually got a piece of clay stuck in my eye last week. I had to take a half day of sick leave to go have the doctor remove it. It huuuuuuuurt. Hopefully I won’t do that again!

Anywho… onwards and upwards! Kindergarten clay is all about learning clay properties and purposes. I have an awesome Flip Chart that I show the students on the Promethean board talking about what clay is and all the different stages it goes through. How even if they were to take a small piece home with them they can’t cook it in their own oven because it doesn’t come close to how hot our kilns get!

Lesson Concepts:

  • Clay properties & purposes

Lesson Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify the clay process by understanding clay properties.
  • Students will be able to create a clay pinch pot and understand what purposes clay may have in different forms.
  • Students will recall different types of lines and utilize proper brush control by painting water color decorations on their clay pinch pots.

Day 1:

  1. Students receive the lesson on clay properties and purposes.
  2. Demonstrate how to make a pinch pot bowl.
  3. Students go to their seats and make their pinch pots.
  4. We go back to the rug and talk more about clay, doing some exercises on the Promethean board.

Day 2:

  1. Students will recall different types of lines and decorate their “package” to take their clay pinch pot home. They will write their name, then draw lines using a sharpie marker.
  2. Using good brush control, students watercolor paint over all their lines. This serves as great practice for all the lines they’re about to paint on their pinch pots!
  3. Back on the rug for demonstration with decorating their pinch pots using lines.
  4. Back at the table to paint!

I took pictures from the top and side so you can see all the decorations. I also took a few pics of the envelope/package they decorated to take their clay home in.

So here’s a funny part… I have some super helpful 3rd graders that love to help me in the art room when they have indoor recess. I had them draw hearts on the envelopes for the Kindergartners. They put the heart on the right side on accident, but I didn’t think it was a big enough deal to have them re-make them. OH BOY. By having the heart on the right side (instead of left), about 90% of the class wrote their names backwards. It was crazy! I never would have predicted it! So funny. I had them re-write them the correct way… so so funny. Silly kiddos!

Here are their pinch pots!

Clay Pinch Pots (1) Clay Pinch Pots (2) Clay Pinch Pots (3) Clay Pinch Pots (4) Clay Pinch Pots (5) Clay Pinch Pots (6) Clay Pinch Pots (7) Clay Pinch Pots (8)  Clay Pinch Pots (10) Clay Pinch Pots (11)

Clay Pinch Pots (9) Clay Pinch Pots (12)

So colorful! I just love them! 🙂
I’ll be back soon with 4th grade clay. Spoiler alert: they’re amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and there are WAY too many for me to photograph!!!



One thought on “Kindergarten Clay Pinch Pots

  1. Mrs. Prin says:

    Hi Mrs. McCormick! Thank you for managing that kiln schedule. The pinch pots are perfectly pretty! There is some alliteration for you 🙂 . These will be treasures in the families of our Little Bennett kindergartners. Thank you!


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