2nd Grade Coil Hearts!

Gah! I love these! Such a great spin on what we are supposed to do with second graders according to the curriculum. I’ve seen a gazillion coil pots, and I’m so glad I have such a great art teacher to follow in the steps of (and an awesome part-time art teacher who I teach with!) to give me great ideas! This is one of their projects and it is so awesome. You teach the kids about coils, spheres, and spirals and how to make an object from those!


  1. Demonstrate how to make 3 spheres, and 2 reeeeally long coils. Set the spheres to the side.
  2. Cut one coil into 3 equal parts and demonstrate how to curl them up into spirals (like a snail’s shell).
  3. Take the long one and place it in the shape of a heart (I had a worksheet w/the size drawn on so they knew what size to make it).
  4. Put the coils in
  5. Place the spheres in
  6. NOW, they have to use their finger and/or a clay tool to smoosh everything together so it’s nice and smooth. Students will be a little upset, but it’s ok!
  7. FLIP IT OVER 🙂  The design is still there
  8. Now use clay tools to add texture around the edges and a hole to the middle

After the clay has been fired in the kiln…

  1. They paint with water color, emphasizing patterns, color, and good brush control
  2. I dip them after school in the no-fire glaze-like shimmery stuff that I mentioned here. 🙂
  3. They put string through and then they make wrapping paper to wrap them up and safely take them home.

Voila! I love them! 🙂

Clay Hearts (1) Clay Hearts (2) Clay Hearts (3) Clay Hearts (4) Clay Hearts (5) Clay Hearts (6) Clay Hearts (7) Clay Hearts (8) Clay Hearts (9) Clay Hearts (10) Clay Hearts (11) Clay Hearts (12)

So great! 🙂



One thought on “2nd Grade Coil Hearts!

  1. Mrs. Prin says:

    These are beautiful! Thank you for working so hard on these with our students. I want to join in next time. Little Bennett has so much talent!


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