1st Grade Paper Sculptures

1st graders had some fun with strips of papers!! We talked about 2D vs 3D and the art element of Form, which is a 3D shape.  I prepped a square of paper ahead of time, demonstrated different paper folding/manipulating techniques, and then let them have some fun! They sure did, too! 🙂

Project Concept:

  • Form and function

Project Objective:

  • Students will be able to create a paper sculpture using a variety of paper folding techniques.

PaperFolding (1) PaperFolding (4)PaperFolding (2) PaperFolding (3)    PaperFolding (5) PaperFolding (6)

The bottom 4 pictures are 2 projects photographed twice, I just thought it would be good to show the top angles! 🙂

This post is short and sweet – I hope you like their sculptures!



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