1st grade – Penguins

Oh these are just the cutest! And since it’s soooooooo cold out, they totally fit in great. Ha! So the project idea came from here, and was changed and adapted a little bit, but not much.


  • Students will be able to create penguin by cutting basic shapes
  • Students will show surface decoration through lines


  • Surface decoration: color, pattern (repetition in the environment)
  • Color and line to express personal meaning
  1. Day One: using white crayons, students drew snowflakes all over their paper. Then we used water color paint to paint in straight lines, each line a different color.
  2. Day Two: Using black, white and orange construction paper, students cut out all the shapes for the body of the penguin standing on an iceburg. Then using colors of their choice, they could cut out ear muffs, scarves, and hats. Lastly, they could add pom poms for the top of their hats. Paper reinforcers were used for their eyes.

SOOOOOOOOOO stinking cute!

Penguins (1) Penguins (2) Penguins (3) Penguins (4) Penguins (5) Penguins (6) Penguins (7)

I love teaching art because I did not tell anyone to make:
– an ice cream cone
– two penguins on an iceburg
– pirate penguins (not photographed, haha!)
– pom pom earmuffs

Just loooooove it!



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