1st grade – Chameleons

This is a project I did last year with first graders, and I just adapted to work for the Kids Kreations fundraiser. First, we read A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni and we also watched an awesome video watching real chameleons change colors. The kiddos loved these! Then we did a LOT of art. First we used a sponge and painted using the primary colors, mixing to get the secondary colors – all in ROYGBIV order, to eventually become our chameleon. Then, we did some gadget printing with green and yellow to eventually become our leaves. And lastly, we did a texture crayon rubbing with brown and black crayons to eventually become our tree trunk and tree branches.

I broke down the chameleon shape into simple shapes and lines to make it a little more successful for everyone (cutting out a spiral shaped tail is HARD!) and here are their colorful masterpieces:

Chameleons (6) Chameleons (5) Chameleons (3) Chameleons (4) Chameleons (2) Chameleons (1)

So cute and also a little humorous. They had so much of the green and yellow painted paper, but made teeeeensy weeeensy little tiny leaves. Haha! A parent volunteer asked yesterday if there is some logic behind which kids choose to go big and which kids choose to make features large. We never studied that type of psychology in my Art Ed classes – anyone know? So cute.



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