Art of Ed Blogs Contest

There are SO many awesome art education websites out there. My absolute favorite and “go to” place to do research is through other art teachers’ blogs. You get an awesome idea, from awesome teachers, and they’ve already been tested out with kids – so you know how successful they can be. Usually if the teacher has tips/recommendations, they’ll give you those, so you can make changes. I just love reading other teachers’ blogs. Which was half the reason I created this one. (The other reason is so all my students, parents, and colleagues can check out what amazing with our Little Bennett Eagles are creating!!)

Anyway, the Art of Ed puts on a contest every year for Art teachers’ blogs, and I would be ever so honored if you would nominate my little blog. 🙂 You don’t have to do much, just put in the title, blog link, and then write a sentence or two why you think I should be nominated in the “Best Rising Star” category. Once nominations are in, the people over at Art of Ed will pick the best 6 within each category, and then votes can be made. The winner will receive $500 to put towards Art of Ed conferences – there have some awesome online classes I can take to grow professionally and become a better teacher!  And runner ups will receive online access to tools that can help me grow professionally. 🙂 All you have to do, is click here and scroll down to the “Rising Star” category – then type in a little info.

That’s it!

Ok, go stay warm! It’s fareeeeeeeeeeeeezing out! 🙂

(And thanks for your nomination! I’d hug you if you were here! Tell me you nominated me and I’ll hug you next time I see ya!)



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