5th Grade Artful Thinking

Fifth grade finished up the gyotaku printmaking projects and then we had an “Artful Thinking” exercise. This ties in with the National Standards for teaching Art Education to 5th graders. Under Synthesize: VA:Cn10.1.5a: “Apply formal and conceptual vocabularies of art and design to view surroundings in new ways through artmaking,” and under Relate: VA:Cn11.1.5a:  “Identify how art is used to inform or change beliefs, values, or behaviors of an individual or society.” I got this awesome idea from the art teacher at a neighboring schools (Hi, Gabrielle!), where the students complete the exercise “See – Think – Wonder” while looking at art, and then take it one step further by deconstructing the artwork and reworking it into something new. Students worked collaboratively on this and I thought it would be great to show what each class did! I will say, I had some trouble printing on the color printer (it jams after I print a few full page saturated images), so some classes had to squeeze at 4 tables because it was all I was able to print (that’s also why some artworks have more student re-works than others). The kids really didn’t have too much of a limit on art materials. If I didn’t have something already out, they could ask for something. You’ll see – they did! (I started with crayons, markers, colored pencils, construction paper, and then the regular table basket supplies.)

I will show the original artwork, and then the students’ collaborations after it. Next year I’m going to have them write me 2-3 sentence artist statements that I can include here on the blog! That way you can have an idea of what they were thinking, ha! 🙂

Vincent Van Gogh Bedroom at Arles, 1888


Responding to Art (21) Responding to Art (23) Responding to Art (1)

Salavador Dali Persistence of Memory, 1931


Responding to Art (6) Responding to Art (7) Responding to Art (8)

Responding to Art (10) Responding to Art (11)

Grant Wood, American Gothic, 1930

american gothic

Responding to Art (16) Responding to Art (17)

Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, 1830-1833


Responding to Art (18) Responding to Art (20)

Responding to Art (19)

Pablo Picasso, Bouquet of Peace, 1958


Responding to Art (3) Responding to Art (5)

Responding to Art (4) Responding to Art (2)

Piet Mondrian, Line Over Form, 1906


Responding to Art (12) Responding to Art (13)

Responding to Art (14) Responding to Art (15)

I have to say, the last one was my favorite because the results were so varied. I think when I do it next year, I’ll try to come up with more artwork like that one. 🙂 Maybe the non-realistic was a good route to start with.

By the way – Happy New Year!



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