3rd grade – Radial Symmetry Weaving

I’ve been so so excited to share this project! And the kids are dying to take them home, but I had to photograph them and I want so badly to display them on the walls!! This was a project I did with my double 3rd grade. One of the classes I see twice a week, the class that also did these moon silhouettes. So, it really was just a fun project I found that I thought they would enjoy. And they sure did!! I can’t get over how awesome they turned out!! I actually photographed every single one that was complete, there are a handful that didn’t finish yet (there are some baaaad sicknesses going around!!), so I’ll photograph those and get them up when they’re done!

I got this idea from the awesome blogger / art teacher Cassie Stephens, but changed my loom-making process a tiny bit, from some helpful tips from the other art teacher here at Little Bennett. But overall, it was the same process.

  • Week 1: Paint rings/circles
  • Week 2: Paint details with a tiny brush
  • Week 3: Create loom
  • Week 4: Begin weaving!

Now the whole point in painting was so that the students didn’t have to weave til the end of the world. It’s an awesome process to learn, but I also don’t want to work on this for 6 or 8 weeks! I think painting them with some fun colors in the back was awesome, but I think next year I’ll be buying some hotter colors of yarn. OR I could always grab some from my mom’s huge stash. She’s an AVID knitter and has a bajillion skeins of yarn (bajillion is a real term. And it’s real. There are a bajillion skeins of yarn in her house).

Aaaaaand since I know you’re on the edge of your seats. Here you go! šŸ™‚

IMG_6859 IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6862 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6871 IMG_6872 IMG_6873 IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6877 IMG_6878

Gosh, I really loved this project. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to do it again next year!!



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