2nd grade – Seascapes

Second graders are finishing up a BEAUTIFUL seascape project. I mean, a lot of artwork I think is really fun and amazing and awesome… but this project can be summed up in one word: beautiful. You’ll see it. Just wait. 🙂

So second graders discussed landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes and the differences between each. Landscapes are mostly land, sometimes mountains and fields, but mostly land. Cityscapes show buildings and cities, and seascapes show lakes, and oceans, but mostly – water.

  • Week 1:I showed students my example, we reviewed the cool and warm colors (cool colors are the ones that make us think of the ocean: greens, blues, and purples; warm colors are the colors that make us think of the sun: red, oranges, and yellows) and then I demonstrated water color painting wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry water color painting techniques. Then students painted one warm piece of paper, and one cool.
  • Week 2: Students started by gluing their warm colored paper to a black piece of paper. Then they tore the cool colored paper. The tearing part definitely caused a few students some frustration – it is HARD to tear paper in a straight line! They glued their town cool paper down in layers, starting with the piece in the back – this also create the horizon line (where the land/sea meets the sky).  They glued down all the layers of the water.
  • Week 3: The final week students were given 3 different sizes of paper – one piece of leftover texture rubbing paper from another project, one piece of plain white copy paper, and one piece of… wait for it… pause for effect 😉 (Brownie points if you can name that movie! Come see me in my room and tell me what it is and I’ll give you something special!)… origami paper! And I taught the students how to fold a simple boat using Origami, the Japanese paper folding technique. Lastly, the students could decorate the one white boat and they had to stagger the boats. This showed their comprehension of space and depth and how objects get smaller the further back they get. We did a fun demonstration where I had the entire class stand up. I selected two students who were the same height and had one stand near the rest of the class, and had the other student walk all the way in the back of the class. Students could see how the student walking away appeared to be smaller. This demonstrated space and depth in art very well! They understood why they were placing the smallest boat in the background, middle size boat in the middleground, and the biggest boat in the foreground.

Here is their objective:

Students will be able to portray space in a seascape collage. Students will show foreground, middleground, and background in their collage and show a correct spatial relationship between all 3.

And here are their topics/concepts:

  • Space (overlapping, background, foreground, middleground)
  • Themes in art (portrait, landscape, still life, etc)

And if you’ve read this far, give yourself a pat on the back, haha! 🙂 Here is their beautiful artwork:

IMG_6426 IMG_6425 IMG_6424 IMG_6423

I wish I had a beach house JUST so I could frame one of these and put it up! Ok, sure I wish I had a beach house for a few more reasons than just that… but these turned out so pretty! I just realized I picked 3 with the same origami paper… I’ll try to add some more later in the week. I’ll let you know when I do! 🙂



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