3rd Grade Arpilleras

I’ve been dying to post about this project. I knew it would be one of my favorites when Mrs. Thomas and I were planning for the year, and it’s such a great feeling with the kids enjoy it as much as you do! We studied Peruvian Arpilleras and talked about how they are quilt landscapes. Students were able to pick from a few background colors and a few different ways they could make creative decisions (mountains that were rolling, mountains that had peaks, a river running through the ground, a pond) but the fun part came in all the little details. Some students added snow capped mountains, some added volcanos, some had rivers that went all the way far in the background of the mountains. Ah! The creativity was just overflowing! Most of our work was done in construction paper, but then the students used ultra fine tip sharpies to add “stitch marks” making it look like their pieces of paper were sewn together. We also made little small dolls that took the Arpilleras to the next level. Many students wanted more people but prepping the people was a lot of work for 90 students, so I had to limit them to just one! šŸ™‚ THEN, just when I thought we were done…. I saw this blog post and decided to give one of my 3rd grade classes the option of sewing around the edges. I see one 3rd grade class twice a week, so we get extra time to work on projects. It made the most sense to give them the option. While we made a mess on the floor with all the whole punching, I think it was worth it! šŸ™‚ What do you think?

Oh, and for reference, here is a true Peruvian Arpillera:


And here are my students’ amaaaaaaazing work (seriously, I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy another project as much as this one!!!! So fun!) (And click on the actual pictures so you can see them big – there are some awesome details in there!):

IMG_6183 IMG_6182 IMG_6181 IMG_6180 IMG_6179 IMG_6178 IMG_6177 IMG_6176 IMG_6175Ā  IMG_6173

(I may be back later and add more artwork in here that didn’t get the sewing… there are just so many good ones to limit which ones I post!)


3 thoughts on “3rd Grade Arpilleras

  1. Mrs. Prin says:

    These are just beautiful. The sewing around the edge tied the project together – literally. Thank you for bringing out the artist in our students!


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