1st grade Clay Turtles

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I am sorry you have to grade boring papers or go to an office everyday. Because… seriously? SERIOUSLY. I have the best job. This is what I get to look at when I get to grade. I love it! I love my job! Have I said it lately? Because seriously, I do.

Ok, on with the project, and I’ll stop gushing now. But just for a second. 😉

First graders were reminded about making pinch pots last year. This year we added on legs, arms, a head, and a tail to make sweet little turtles. Then they could use different clay tools to add on texture to the shells of their turtles. In order to add the “attachments” (head, legs, etc) they learned about slipping and scoring to make sure all the air bubbles are out of the clay, and all the pieces are essentially “glued” together. We talked about how the clay gets baked at a suuuuuper high temperature to and becomes a permanent piece of pottery that is extremely fragile and breakable. They’re dying to take them home, but for now I’m going to enjoy my little turtle zoos here in the classroom. So cute! We may name them before they take them home. 🙂

Now I’m going back to gushing at how awesome my job is… seriously. These things! Gah!

IMG_5928 IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5932 IMG_5933 IMG_5934 IMG_5935IMG_5939 IMG_5936 IMG_5937 IMG_5938  IMG_5940


2 thoughts on “1st grade Clay Turtles

  1. Mrs. Prin says:

    You do have an amazing job and you are #awesome with our students. You are sharing your passion for art and it is contagious! Thank you.


  2. pattypalmer says:

    Awesome blog, Lauren! I love the circles on the sidebar. Totally cool way to show off your lessons. Thanks for connecting.


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