K – Mondrian Inspired Artwork

Here’s what we did after our last project in Kindergarten. We kept going with the primary color, line, shape talk and did a one-day project. We studied Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie:

Broadway Boogie Woogie

And the students were given squares of paper to cut into squares, rectangles, and triangles. I showed them again how to maximize their space and get the most shapes out of it. Then we used cut up pieces of cardboard as a stamp, and painted the black lines in. The kids were so good at this! And they were excited to use cardboard as a paintbrush. 😉

Here are their masterpieces!

IMG_5672 IMG_5673 IMG_5674 IMG_5675 IMG_5676 IMG_5784 IMG_5785 IMG_5786 IMG_5787 IMG_5788

I think I got a little carried away with the photos again, but there were just so many different and unique things that they all created! I couldn’t stop. 🙂


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