3rd Grade Still Lifes

I’m so excited about this project! I mean, who says that about still lifes? Not usually me… but this one just turned out so awesome! Plus, I think the class just finished and they were such a fantastic class, and it’s just put me in a great mood. So while I was taking pics to share with y’all (I usually only pic 4-5 or so), I COULD.NOT.STOP.TAKING.PICTURES. I kept thinking, “Ok, that’s enough now” and then I would see the next one, and I HAD to take the next one! And then the next one! They were all so great. And at the end of class I even held them each up individually, so they could see everyone’s artwork. There were lots of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” and cheering and clapping. Warmed my heart! 🙂 I explained to the class, this is why I love teaching art! I gave them the same lesson, same tools, same example, same directions – yet they all turned out so different, and so good! I love that! 🙂

So the lesson. We talked about theme and content in artwork – this time it was drawing from observation (drawing what you SEE). I made a still life of art tools that was sat on the tables in front of them. They had to draw what they saw. They drew their still lifes on a piece of paper that had art terms all around it. Art periods, art tools, famous artists, etc – lots of fun stuff to just give it more dimension/texture/depth. Then the next week we used water color paint and teeeeeny tiny paint brushes to paint all the details into their still lifes. I did let them change up the colors for this part – so it could be fun. But making it clear that it was no longer from observation, rather imagination. Then on the last day we went over everything with a sharpie marker, mounted the artwork on yellow paper, and they could finish coloring in any area with water color pencils.

Gosh, I can’t get over how much I love them! 🙂 Hope you do, too! Check out how different they all look!

IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5418 IMG_5419 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5423 IMG_5424 IMG_5425

Gosh I love my job. 🙂


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